Fantastic Blog series on the Buttes Chaumont area of Paris

 A blogger who identifies themselves only as PW1949 has been posted very erudite and carefully researched blogs on everything to do with the 19th Arrondissement in Paris. This includes the Buttes Chaumont area where the Gaumont Studios were.

If you can read French, I highly recommend visiting this blog. Even if you can't, the pictures and maps are great.

Some notable entries for Alice Guy lovers:

Entry on the filming of Alice Guy's first film and the various controversies. See how he punctures most of Gianeti's erroneous assertions while highlighting the one thing Gianeti gets right.

Entry on Demeny's chronophotographe, which includes a discussion of La Biche au Bois.

Several blogs on the Gaumont studios, this one lists them all. Many extremely useful pictures and maps.

An overview of cameras, projectors, and other film-related devices developed in the Gaumont factories.