Lost Film Discovered

Falstaff, Chimes at MidnightFalstaff, Chimes at Midnight


A pristine print of a film that until now was thought only to exist only in a damaged form has been discovered. Falstaff, Chimes at Midnight, starring Orson Welles.

Distribpix Inc. discovers a hidden cinema treasure……

New York/Los Angeles for immediate release/Feb. 9,2015


Film enthusiast and archivist, Steven Morowitz, and veteran film director Joel Bender, unearth a rare and almost pristine 35mm print of Falstaff, Chimes at Midnight. This is one of the most important discoveries for us to date, at least regarding a mainstream film and one of such historical importance. Not that the film does not exist, and not that there are many experts already on the case, but from the bootleg versions and web clips available that we have seen over the years, it seems that the source material that people have been using is in very poor shape, and or put together from various prints. Maybe not doing proper film restorations or not having proper film elements has been the biggest obstacle for most, as we know that people have film elements. One thing is for sure and that is that the world wants a gorgeous and definitive release of Falstaff.

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