Alison McMahan has written numerous articles for newspapers and magazines such as Filmmaker, Millimiter, American Cinematographer and The Independent. In addition she has written  academic papers on the topics of film history, digital media, and virtual reality. Here is a selection.

"Machine (the computer)+Cinema=Machinima," Society for Cinema Studies Conference, Denver, CO., March 2002.

"Identifying a Feminist Address in Early Cinema," Paper for the Women and Silent Screen Conference, UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA, November 2001.

"Interactive Television: The Hyperserial" Console-ing Passions Conference, July 2001, Bristol, UK

McMahan, Alison, Ph.D., "To Heal the Gap between Subject and Protagonist: Restoring Female Agency with Immersion and Interactivity," Ppaer for ASCA Mini-Conference, June 8, 2001, Amsterdam

"Race Pictures Before Race Cinema: An Analysis of A Fool and His Money (Alice Guy Blaché, Solax, 1912)." Society for Cinema Studies Conference, Chicago, May 2001.

"The Quest for Motion: Moving Pictures and Flight" in Visual Delights: Essays on the Popular and Projected Image in the 19th Century, edited by Simon Popple and Vanessa Toulmin, Trowbridge, UK: Flicks Books, 2000, pp. 181-193.

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"A Poor Man's Sound Cinema?" paper given at the Spectacular Europe 3 Conference in Warwick, UK, March 2000.

"Sound Rewrites Silents", Kintop, Winter 1999, published in German as Stummfilmgeschichte im Licht der Tonbilder, Kintop 8, 1999, p. 141-158.

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"A La Recherche d'Objets Filmiques Non Identifiés: Autour de l'oeuvre d'Alice Guy-Blaché" Archives, 81: Août 1999" (entire double issue), 1999.

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