Conference Papers

McMahan, Alison, Ph.D., "To Heal the Gap between Subject and Protagonist: Restoring Female Agency with Immersion and Interactivity," Ppaer for ASCA Mini-Conference, June 8, 2001, Amsterdam

"The Lumière/Gaumont Relationship" Congrès Lumière, Lyons June 1995.

"Cross-Dressing in the Comedies of Alice Guy Blaché" the Columbia Series Seminar, November 1995.

"Voice and Voyeurism in Early Cinema" Prima dell 'Autore, Spettacolo Cinematografico, testo, autorialita dalle origini agli anni Trenta Conference sponsored by the University of Bologna in Udine, Italy March 1996

"Plagiarism between Pathé and Gaumont up to 1907" DOMITOR 1996 Conference, Paris.

Lecture and slide show on early sound experiments, DOMITOR Conference, Washington D.C. 1998.

"Cinema of Attractions or poor man's sound cinema?" paper revising the cinema of attractions theory in light of early sound experiments given at Technologies of the Moving Image Conference, Stockholm University, December 1998.

"A Poor Man's Sound Cinema?" paper given at the Spectacular Europe 3 Conference in Warwick, UK, March 2000.

"Race Pictures Before Race Cinema: An Analysis of A Fool and His Money (Alice Guy Blaché, Solax, 1912)." Society for Cinema Studies Conference, Chicago, May 2001.