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Alice Guy Blaché’s Westerns

I left my heart in Arizona. The trip plan was go to Show Low, Arizona, give a talk, spend some time with Adrienne Blaché-Channing and her husband Bob Channing, her daughter Serena and Serena’s husband and children. We kicked off our visit by stopping at the Grand Canyon; Adrienne and Bob met us there and drove us to every stop on the South Rim.

Malaga Cinema Film Festival

Malaga, June 23-25, 2009

Alison McMahan will be part of the press conference for the release of Francisco Griñan's latest book, on early cinema in Spain, Las estaciones perdidas del cine mudo en Málaga, which will inaugurate a series on Malaga Cinema. Tuesday June 23, 2009, at noon, in the Centro Cultural Provincial de la calle Ollerías, 34, in Malaga.