Where to see BE NATURAL Near You

Be Natural Poster
Poster for Be Natural. 

Today is International Day of the Woman. The Google banner animation is fantastic. But you want to see more than google animations, don't you? Why not see a documentary film about Alice Guy Blache, the first woman filmmaker? The film opens widely in April, but you can find a list of preview screenings here.

Tonight the film shows at the University of Colorado's International Film Series in Boulder, Colorado.

And at the Cascadia International Film Festival in Bellingham, WA.

On March 9th, you can see it at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.

It will run in New Hampshire on these dates: 

At the Music Hall in Portsmouth March 20-28 and at the Keene State Film Society March 22-25 and 27.

In Florida, see it in Tallahasee Film Society April 26-28.

In Los Angeles, the film opens April 19 at Laemmle's Monica Film Center.

In New York, the film opens at the IFC Film Center on April 26.

You can see the trailer on Vimeo, here.